August 18, 2016

Meeting Monty


Meeting MontyJust to ad to all of my other experience s in the equine industry , I was very proud & class myself of been very lucky to have met up & had a one to one talk about my passion of horses with the worlds famous horse whisper Monty Roberts. He was intrigued to know how my methods where almost the same as his as I’ve never studied mustangs. He classed me as a natural born talent with horses, all the questions he asked I had all the answers.

Horses are in my blood & are a huge passion of mine, I have my daddy to thank for all his talent of natural horsemanship (horse whisper) he has passed on to me. As you all know reading a horses body language is the key to success of happy horse happy rider, I pride myself in this Field & love helping the horse & owner to create a bond that builds confidence with a happy ending.

I have helped many over come their fear of horses whilst helped many equines go onto having a happier life as owners had given up thinking the path to death for their horse with much sadness, but thanks to my approach a few weeks on my yard has turned into happiness & customers back in the saddle which makes me a happy person knowing I have helped the horse & rider.

Any one out there having major behaviour problems with their horse please don’t hesitate to pay me a visit or give me a call and I will be pleased ┬áto answer any questions you may have.