August 7, 2016


Bev has just completed her  join up / saddle fitting / loading / long Lining / on my way to becoming IH instructor of Monty Roberts & Kelly marks.
Picture below of Bev being awarded her Intelligent horsemanship by Kelly marks

Horse World Behaviouist 2


A lady came to Bev at Horse World in floods of tears, she loved her horse so much but it had become dangerous , biting & kicking out at her. . . Bev was its last hope or she was going to have to make the sad choice and put her to sleep.

After only 1 month at Horse World, she is a different horse, and the lady cannot believe the change and cannot thank Bev enough,  she has tried everybody and never thought it would be possible until she was referred to Bev at Horse World.

Horse World Behaviouist